All-in-One Program Designed to Help You Reach Immortal+

Learn everything you need to know to reach Immortal+ through our Immortal Roadmap Program which is backed up by a 6-week, 5 division rank-up guarantee.










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Our coaches know the frustrations of playing solo queue—people going AFK, no communication, CT players always pushing out, people not trading you, getting smurfed on, and so on.


Instead of looking to fix factors that are out of your control, our Immortal Roadmap Program will give you an outside perspective on every area of improvement that you may need to take your game to the next level!


5 Divisions in 6 Weeks Guaranteed!

Our students on average rank up 5 divisions in just SIX WEEKS of coaching.

We've individually coached hundreds of students across every skill level, and we've seen every single mistake that a player could possibly make.

We not only understand WHY players make these common mistakes, but we also know HOW to correct these mistakes in the fastest way so that you can go back to climbing without being stuck.

We Care About Your Results FIRST

We are the only premium coaching program that puts our students, clients and results FIRST over profits.

In the Immortal Roadmap Program, we are always striving to provide tremendous value and overdeliver to our students by finding the best coaches and most up-to-date resources.

You will gain access to a private Discord network where you will be training LIVE with Konpeki for 6 weeks in addition to having a full-fledged Radiant coaching staff, weekly VOD reviews, scrims, tournaments, personalized training routines, and lifetime access to a vault with all the materials and resources that will be given to you.

Over 200 Alumni

+ Lifetime access to an exclusive community of over 200 students

+ Network with like-minded people in ESports (LFT, Casters, Content Creators, and More)

Best Coaches

+ Staff of 10+ Radiant Coaches who are in the top .02% 

+ Coaches with experience in VCT (Analysts and Players)

50+ Hours of Coaching

+ Availability around the clock

+ Includes multiple 1-on-1 sessions

+ Lifetime access to weekly scrims


Sounds Too Good to be True?

Badlec (Season 8)

"I improved at a massive rate and honestly would be even higher ranked then I am now if I hadn't taken a break. If you are thinking about joining it's definitely worth your time as the environment is amazing and you'll make some friends along your climb too."

JoshuaScott (Season 8)

"I can't [understate] how much this program has helped me grow as a player. I truly truly was absolute garbage mechanically when I first started, but I see the climb to Immortal pretty clearly now!"

Bonnie (Season 7)

"I had little expectations when I first signed up for IRP... but very quickly I realized that the community is helpful, friendly, and fun! I learned a lot from their videos and I use them as references whenever I get lost in solo queue."

RuralFiddle (Season 6)

"The coaches and community really helped me mentally and mindset wise, coming into IRP with a growth mindset is what will get you the most out of this program. The VOD reviews and map breakdown lessons really helped me become a better player overall and make more impactful plays."

Aay (Season 5)

"The lessons broke down the current way I thought about the game and built it up correctly. I had coach DJ and coach Day who both pushed me further than I thought possible. Thank you so much for everything."

Corvus (Season 5)

"I started off in gold 2 at the beginning of joining IRP. I started improving from the very first lesson and started improving even more from the VOD reviews (Day is the goat!!). Thanks to all the advice, the lessons, and the friends I made in the community!

I can not recommend IRP enough. It’s quite possibly the best investment I’ve made in my gaming career."

christian (Season 4)

"IRP is one of the best communities I have ever been a part of. I feel so lucky that I was able to make new friends and grow together. The lessons were great as well. I would encourage anyone on the fence to join the family!"

Rob (Season 1)

"Loved it! They'll teach you everything you need to know about the game and are always there to answer questions when you need it."

You? (Season X)


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